• What is Linchpin?

    Linchpin is a Learning Management System (LMS), which makes it easy to start and manage your enterprise learning programs in a more effective way. .
  • How can it be used?

    You can use Linchpin to create, share and consume e-learning content in multiple contexts.
    • Internal use – for employee training, onboarding, and enterprise learning programs.
    • External use – for training vendors and distributors, sharing operating manuals and DIY guides with customers, and so on.
  • How is it different from any other LMS?

    Linchpin is an easy-to-use learning management system. It makes enterprise learning more exciting and makes managing the learning, simple.
  • What setup and administration efforts does it need?

    Sign-up, install and use. It’s as simple as that.

    To manage the platform, set up an admin ID, log in and start. You don’t need any specific training or IT skills to use the platform.

  • What makes Linchpin easy to manage?

    Our platform was designed to keep learning management hassle-free. Managers get access to all course content – old and new. They can assign it to people, track learners’ progress and monitor overall learning patterns in the organization. Greater control over learning material. Improved visibility into employee engagement levels. All at your fingertips.
  • How can I manage the content?

    Managers can approve, reject and share courses as well as control their duration. Assign courses to a few individuals or to larger groups, define course duration and set reminders. Automated functions do the rest.
  • How do I assign roles and responsibilities to users?

    Log-in as administrator to access the roles setting. You can add or remove users, assign roles (learner, creator, manager) to them, and also get an overview of user engagement levels.
  • Can I track platform usage?

    Administrators get to track the licenses and number of users. The admin function also lets you customize the platform.
  • Can I notify an individual user to complete the assigned course/ curriculum?

    Yes, you can notify an individual user to complete the assigned course/ curriculum. You can also notify all the users at a time.
  • Can a course/ curriculum be reassigned after a defined period?

    Yes, it will get reassigned automatically after a defined period.
  • Can a course/ curriculum be automatically assigned to new members in the organization?

    Yes, it can be automatically assigned to new members in a defined group, who can complete the course within a specified date.
  • What is a course?

    A course is a set of e-learning material based on a single topic. For instance, a course can be on ‘Professional communication’ or ‘Basics of customer service’. A course comprises different modules. Each module is further divided into chapters.
  • What is curriculum?

    Curriculum is a set of courses bundled together. In other words, different kinds of courses when put together form a curriculum
  • What is a module?

    A module is a small chunk of course content, presented to make the learning simple and fast. Each module is classified into chapters. Chapters can be of different formats such as PPT, PDF, media file, and so on.
  • How do I create a course/ module?

    Our interface is easy to use. Follow instructions, attach the required material and done! Creating a course takes you mere minutes.
  • How do I create a curriculum?

    Our interface is easy to use. Follow instructions. Drag and drop courses and done! Creating curricula takes you mere minutes.
  • What content formats can I use?

    Linchpin supports multiple forms of e-learning content. PPTs, videos, PDFs, word documents – you can share all these and more.
  • Can I create a library of courses/ curricula?

    Yes, you can create a library of courses/ curricula intended for different groups such as onboarding, soft skills training, etc. Any approved course/ curricula will be displayed in the library, under the relevant category.
  • How can I get users to take my course /curriculum?

    New courses/ curricula need to be approved by managers. When you create and submit your course/ curriculum materials, the manager gets notified. Based on the manager’s approval, it is assigned to the right groups or learners.
  • Can I share my course/ curriculum directly with users?

    Yes, you can, but only after it is approved by the manager.
  • How do users know that they have received learning material?

    Users get alerts when a new course/ curriculum is assigned to them. They also get reminders to complete pending courses and curricula.
  • How do I know if my course/ curriculum is approved?

    You get notified when your course/ curriculum is approved or rejected. You will also be able to see the status (pending, rejected or approved) on the cover page of the course.
  • Can I update the course/ curriculum after it is approved?

    Yes, you can update the course/ curriculum, but it should be submitted for approval again!
  • How does Linchpin help me learn?

    Linchpin makes learning simple and fun. You can consume content on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, at anytime and anyplace. Learning fits into your quick break!
  • How does it make learning fun?

    We know learning is fun when your peers are part of the process. Linchpin lets you track your and your team members’ performance on the leaderboard. It captures your scores and the badges accumulated for timely completion of courses, and showcases them on your profile deck. It’s like being back in college, virtually!
  • Can I retake the completed course/ curriculum?

    Yes, you can retake any completed course/ curriculum, but the score will not change. Scores are credited to your profile only the first time you take a course/ curriculum.
  • Can I bookmark my course/ curriculum?

    Yes, you can continue the course from where you last ended.
  • Can I complete the course/ curriculum after the end date?

    Yes, you can complete it after the end date, but the scores will be different (credit points reduce if you complete the course after its due date).
  • Do I get an online certificate for completing the course/ curriculum?

    Yes, you receive a certificate on completion of the course/ curriculum.
  • What customization possibilities do you offer?

    You can add your company name, logo and subdomain, to give the platform a homegrown feel. Choose from the skins library to customize further.
  • Does Linchpin work well with other enterprise tools or provide APIs to integrate with other tools?

    We provide various APIs to integrate with enterprise tools. Click here to see the list of APIs.
  • Is Linchpin secure and reliable?

    We take all reasonable precautions to keep data/ information secure. We also use Amazon's S3 storage technology to store and serve uploaded files.
  • Which browser and device configuration does it work with?

    Linchpin works in all browsers, which support HTML5 content.
  • Is there a set-up fee? Or any other cost?

    There is no set-up fee and the entire application is free for the time being.